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X-Therma is Invited to Present at ACS Entreprenur Summit

Dr. Mark Kline, Chief Technology Officer of X-Therma will deliver an enchanting entreprenuer story at the American Chemical Society (ACS) Entreprenuer Summit on Nov 15-16th, Washington D.C.   https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/meetings/acs-entrepreneur-summit.html

X-Therma has been selected as a cohort member of the California Life Science Association FAST Advisory program.

The FAST Advisory Program provides select entrepreneurs with intensive team review and coaching to perfect their business model, product development plans, and to build a compelling commercialization strategy. Experienced entrepreneurs, product and business experts (which may include clinical development, regulatory, reimbursement and business development specialists) will advise selected Fellows during a ten-to-twelve week program, culminating in […]

Mauldin Economics covered X-Therma’s vision for Organ Banking

Mauldin Economics covered X-Therma’s vision for Organ Banking in their monthly TransTech Alert, written by best-selling author, Wall Street analyst, and financial writer John Mauldin and Patrick Cox. From Arctic fish to biomimetic nanotechnology, X-Therma is defeating ice to save millions of lives.