Future Applications

Engine Coolant and Heat Transfer

X-Therma provides a safer and much more effective coolant additive to significantly reduce glycol usage. Drastically improved heat transfer can revolutionize engine design, especially for electric vehicle battery.

Pipeline Gas Hydration Plug Prevention

Gas hydration (ice) plugs are a severe safety hazard in natural gas pipelines. Current solutions for prevention, maintenance, and repair of lines cost $8 M per mile in North America.

Aircraft Ice Prevention

X-Therma can apply our base technology to provide a long-lasting, durable antifreeze coating for aircraft, in contrast with current best deicing agents which only last 1.5 hours.

Frozen Dairy

With X-Therma agent, non-fat & low sugar ice cream can taste more heavenly than ever before!

Small ice crystals can be achieved without a toxic solution.

Future Applications

Anti Aging Cosmetics

Natural antifreeze proteins have shown promising results in skin rejuvenation. But they are scarce!

X-Therma‘s antifreeze protein mimics will allow revitalization  of the market with stable supply.