Another inspirational story that motivates us to accelerate the process of our innovative bio-preservation platform so we can save more young lives and bring happiness to more families! Better Quality, Better Life!

X-Therma is very excited to participate at the Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa this week!  Meet with our CEO Xiaoxi Wei to learn more about our novel biopreservation platform. To schedule some timeclick here 

With the consecutive increasing number of organ donation each year, X-Therma is honored and ready to provide the best bio-preservation chemical solution to organs on demand. We are here to save more lives and thrive quality of living!

Sad but true.  It’s astonishing to see the number of lives impacted.  “In a nation where nearly 113,000 people are waiting for transplants, scores of organs – mostly kidneys – are discarded after they don’t reach their destination in time.” Facts like this are what motivate us to drive real change. X-Therma’s solution safely preserves organs longer thus expanding the time available for transit, making problems like this one preventable.