A year of unprecedented challenges has forced us all to tap into our reserves of strength, perseverance, and love. Our X-Therma family sincerely hopes you and your family have remained safe and healthy.
Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and looking forward to a healthy and happy New Year!

X-Therma was supported early on by the  to develop ice-interactive biomimetic nanomaterial to advance biopreservation for unmet needs in Regenerative Medicine. We have advanced from R&D to development through Phase I and Phase II funding. Now, we are very excited to enter the Phase IIB stage to commercialize our product for tissue preservation with exclusive support from NSF. We would like to thank AlloSource® and their Innovation Center as our partner on this exciting journey, making on-demand tissue available for patients in need.

X-Therma is very honored to present our moonshot journey with world thought leaders in the 2b AHEAD Future Congress 2020. Our CEO, Dr. Xiaoxi Wei, will share our recent groundbreaking updates on cyro-preservation. It is a great opportunity to explore the extension on humanity – from here to eternity! For more info: https://zukunftskongress.2bahead.com/online/?0