Happy 90th Birthday to Berkeley Lab! What an incredible 90 years of world transformation by the power of science & technology. We are so excited and honored to see #peptoid named as one of the 90 Breakthroughs, where X-Therma is taking this profound innovation to end organ waitlists around the world, saving millions of lives!


Thanks to science and heroes! A happy and free Independent day is finally on the horizon.

Fill the Independence day with love, hugs and family fun!
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What a great way to wrap up our collaborative work with Vitalant Research InstituteMarcus MuenchPhilip Norris in Bone Marrow Transplantation, a Nature Journal!

Looking for DMSO- and Serum-free alternative cryopreservation media that is process friendly, safe to use, and does not compromise the performance? The wait may be over with XT-Thrive®. We look forward to further supporting your research, GMP cell production and clinical need! #Celltherapy #GeneTherapy #bonemarrowtransplantation