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Improving Health Equity Through Worldwide Organ Sharing

The organ transplantation field has experienced numerous barriers which have contributed to the creation of organ accessibility issues worldwide. To help tackle these challenges, X-Therma has made it its mission to make worldwide organ sharing possible for everyone, eliminate organ waiting lists across the globe and improve lives. Find the whole article here:  Page 10, […]

Taking the Toxins Out of Cell Therapy Storage: A New Cryopreservation Molecule

The preservation of living cells and tissues is an often-underappreciated obstacle in the clinical lab. Cryogenic temperatures attempt to address this challenge by minimizing biochemical activity within samples of interest. As the cell and gene therapy market grows, the drawbacks of cryopreservation are becoming more apparent. This article examines the current cryopreservation landscape within the […]

Emerging Therapies Face Development Hurdles

While traditional biologics continue to see strong market demand, the need for emerging therapies, such as regenerative medicines, has also given rise to a burgeoning pipeline. The biopharmaceutical industry has seen significant levels of investment going into clinical-stage projects for cell therapies, gene therapies, and other regenerative medicines over the past year (1) as efforts […]

X-Therma Receives FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for XT-ViVo® Preservation Solution and TimeSeal® Organ Transport Device

X-Therma Inc., a biotechnology company developing breakthrough technology for regenerative medicine and organ preservation – announced today that The Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted its proprietary organ preservation solution, XT-ViVo®, and TimeSeal® Organ Transport Device, Breakthrough Device status. This designation is granted to products […]

X-Therma Brings Biomimetics to Bioprocessing

In the past two years, the cold chain turned into one of the most talked-about aspects of healthcare. Biotechnology company X-Therma in Richmond, CA, plans to improve the cold steps in the bioprocessing of cell and gene therapies with biomimetics. Find the whole article here:  Genetic Engineering & Biotechnlogy News This article is taken from Genetic […]

Preserving Cell and Gene Therapies Without Using Toxins

Every day it seems you can find a headline somewhere describing the extraordinary progress scientists have made in developing cell and gene therapies for rare genetic diseases, a variety of cancers, and common ailments that affect most of the industrialized world. Genetic material is now common in vaccines, too, as scientists discovered that mRNA is […]

The Next Generation of Cryopreservation Technology

Living cells, tissues, and organs are more critical to medicine than ever before, but current cryopreservation techniques are not enough to keep these materials viable during storage and transport. Peptoids may provide the solution. Find the whole article here:  European Biopharmaceutical Review | April 2022 This article is taken from European Biopharmaceutical Review April 2022, pages 48-51. © […]

X-Therma Announces Oversubscribed Series A Financing

 Funding will advance its breakthrough product platform rewriting biopreservation and cold chain   RICHMOND, Calif. — December 22, 2021 — 6:00 AM PT —  X-Therma Inc., a biotechnology company developing breakthrough technology for regenerative medicine and organ preservation – has closed an oversubscribed $13M Series A funding round. The financing is led by LOREA AG, […]

Meet You at International Conference of Nanotech Planet

Join X-Therma Inc. on Nov 21st 11AM PST | 2PM EST at the International Conference of Nanotech Planet. From nanoscience to global organ sharing, our CEO, Dr. Xiaoxi (Sofie) Wei, will share how X-Therma leads Biomimetic Nanoscience innovations in biopreservation, transforming the field of regenerative medicine with the mission of saving millions of lives. For more info:  https://nanotechplanet.net