Future Applications

Future Applications

Engine Coolant and Heat Transfer

X-Therma provides a safe cooling alternative to significantly reduce glycol usage.

X-Therma technology can drastically improve heat transfer to revolutionize engine and vehicle design, especially in electric vehicle batteries. 

Anti Aging Cosmetics

Natural antifreeze proteins have shown promising results in reducing visible signs of aging. But, they are scarce and expensive to produce into a consumer good at high quality and concentration.

X-Therma‘s biomimetic technology brings the best of Nature and human design with precise formulation, better shelf life, and increased production to meet the needs of consumers.

Frozen Dairy

Small ice crystals are essential to creating a smooth, creamy texture in ice cream. (Think of why ice cream must be constantly churned during freezing.) This can be difficult to achieve in non-fat and low sugar varieties.

With X-Therma technology, small ice crystals can be achieved without toxic additives. 

Aircraft Ice Prevention

Ice formation on aircraft wings disrupts airflow and interferes with the ability to create lift. Current best de-icing agents for this purpose only last 1.5 hours That is just enough time to get airborn, but not to descend.

X-Therma’s base technology can be applied to provide a long-lasting, durable, antifreeze coating.  

Pipeline Gas Hydration Plug Prevention

Gas hydrate plugs are ice structures that trap gas under low-temperature and high-pressure conditions.

They restrict flow and are a severe safety hazard in natural gas pipelines. Current solutions for prevention, maintenance, and repair of lines cost $8 M per mile in North America.

X-Therma technology can be applied to produce a safe hydrate inhibitor.