Having second thoughts on the current cryopreservation process for your cGMP life-saving cell therapy? Meet our team X-Therma at the meeting on the Mesa from Oct 12-14 in person and Oct 19-20 virtually! We look forward to better support your mission by acing biopreservation and winning the race on the ice!

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Join X-Therma Inc., the Hello Tomorrow 2019 Global Health Track winner, in the Founders’ Insights Summit on Sep 29th 8AM Pacific hosted by Hello Tomorrow. This brainstorming session with worldwide thought leaders will be on bold strategies and building the heart of perseverance for startup companies! Our CEO, Dr. Xiaoxi (Sofie) Wei will share real personal experience on how we started on our moonshot journey and building resilience. See you there! For more info: https://lnkd.in/gVpu49ef

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Here is a young scientist taking care of our MSCs this summer. The cells are so spoiled and feeling happy with Kanupriya Daga and XT-Thrive. Now, it’s time for cake to celebrate with our awesome summer 21 intern. Let your light shine! Go Kanupriya Daga!

Join us in ISBioTech – International Society for BioProcess Technology on this coming Monday, August 9th at 9:40AM-10:20AM PST | 12:40PM-1:20PM EST and meet with world thought leaders! Our CEO, Dr. Xiaoxi (Sofie) Wei, will be sharing our recent groundbreaking updates on our moonshot journey – Organs on Demand.  
Register via: https://lnkd.in/eCqaNsn  

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Happy 90th Birthday to Berkeley Lab! What an incredible 90 years of world transformation by the power of science & technology. We are so excited and honored to see #peptoid named as one of the 90 Breakthroughs, where X-Therma is taking this profound innovation to end organ waitlists around the world, saving millions of lives!


Thanks to science and heroes! A happy and free Independent day is finally on the horizon.

Fill the Independence day with love, hugs and family fun!
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What a great way to wrap up our collaborative work with Vitalant Research InstituteMarcus MuenchPhilip Norris in Bone Marrow Transplantation, a Nature Journal!

Looking for DMSO- and Serum-free alternative cryopreservation media that is process friendly, safe to use, and does not compromise the performance? The wait may be over with XT-Thrive®. We look forward to further supporting your research, GMP cell production and clinical need! #Celltherapy #GeneTherapy #bonemarrowtransplantation

“Is it possible to achieve successful VCA transplantation after 72hrs ischemia at sub-zero temperature?”

@X-Therma is pleased to get the answer revealed during the highly competitive Rapid Fire Oral Abstract session at American Transplant Congress #ATC2021 at 6PM EST on Tuesday, June 8. Dr. Samuel Fidder @Samuel Fidder (https://lnkd.in/eKxh_wz) of @Johns Hopkins University will present our joint work and answer your questions live.

Join for the excitement of pushing boundaries in organ preservation with translational ready procedures powered by fundamental chemistry breakthroughs!


We are honored to be featured in the May Issue of AIChE – American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Special thank you to the National Science Foundation National Science Foundation (NSF) for instrumental and continuous support. Debuting disruptive science is never easy, but we are lucky to have a dedicated team with the drive to make the impossible possible and continuously push the boundaries in science. Come join us to make the world a better place! No more waiting in vain!

Stepping into blooming May, but we will never say goodbye to #DonateLifeMonth. Team X-Therma are proud to honor donors and recipients as we work tirelessly to make more and better organs available for transplant! Thank you to those who are being angels and sunshine of other people’s clouds.