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Removing Time from the Equation

X-Therma enables the robust preservation of cells, tissues, organs, and other biologics by leveraging our proprietary peptoid. The peptoid inhibits lethal ice crystals, allowing long-term sub-zero storage of biological materials while maintaining unparalleled functionality and viability. 

How it Began

When she was 8 years old, Xiaoxi’s beloved grandfather passed away. If he had received a donor liver, he would have had more time to spend with loved ones. 

Xiaoxi has since dedicated her life to finding a solution that increases organ availability. In 2014 she obtained her doctorate in medicinal chemistry from SUNY-Buffalo. Soon after, she established X-Therma to bring her vision of eradicating organ waitlists to life.

X-Therma History


Xiaoxi Wei, CEO began her research work for X-Therma at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She received her first grant awarded to X-Therma. Provisional patent filed.


Only one year later X-Therma had two additional grants in implementation and a team of four. First successful proof of concept for novel preservation of cell lines.


X-Therma now has five grants running simultaneously and filed additional provisional patents.


X-Therma partnered with Johns Hopkins University and Dr. Gerald Brandacher on several grants.
X-Therma awarded first patent claim set!


Successful in vivo mouse heart transplant with Johns Hopkins University.


X-Therma survived the Covid-19 pandemic and was able to continue with successful ex vivo organ transplantations.


X-Therma closed an oversubscribed $13M Series A financing led by LOREA AG. The European office was opened.


The FDA designated X-Therma's proprietary organ preservation solution, XT-ViVo®, and TimeSeal® Organ Transport Device, Breakthrough Device status.



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