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Removing Time from the Equation

X-Therma enables the robust preservation of cells, tissues, organs, and other biologics by leveraging our proprietary peptoid. The peptoid inhibits lethal ice crystals, allowing long-term sub-zero storage of biological materials while maintaining unparalleled functionality and viability. 

X-Therma is headquartered in Richmond, San Francisco Bay Area, and has expanded to Austria in Europe.

About X-Therma

A tragic loss during Xiaoxi’s childhood due to a lack of organs set her on a course to find answers. Nearly two decades later she founded X-Therma and the dream for readily available organs is about to turn into reality.

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The Team

It takes great people to build a great company, and we think ours are some of the best.


2600 Hilltop Drive
Suite B220
Richmond, CA 94806


Kaiserjägerstraße 30
6020 Innsbruck