Multi-Day Preservation of Organs, Tissues and Cells

The global shortage of transplantable organs is considered one of the greatest modern medical crises. Only 10% of the worldwide transplantation needs are being met. Every hour in the US, at least one patient dies while waiting for a life-saving organ. Donor availability is one part of the equation… the other is time. 

XT-ViVo® & TimeSeal® will enable multi-day preservation and remove time from the equation.

Check out our white paper on organ ischemia to learn more!

Not enough Time

Up to 80% of transplantable organs are unused.

The current gold standard for preserving organs, static cold storage (at 4–8 °C), quickly leads to chilling damage and ischemia/reperfusion injury.

Organs can be preserved for 4 to 16 hours. This leads to organ discard, organ waste, and countless organs not being recovered.

The geographic reach of organs is limited due to preservation times.

This time crunch places enormous pressure on the medical team and increases chances for accidents during transport and surgery.

You Have Time

Our solutions provide significantly longer preservation of organs, cells, and tissues.

FDA Breakthrough Designation

The FDA has granted XT-ViVo® & TimeSeal® Breakthrough Device Designatiofor an intended kidney preservation and storage time of up to 120 hours. The products also have the potential to be used in other organ and tissue applications.

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XT-ViVo® Biopreservation

XT-ViVo® is a preservation solution powered by our novel peptoid technology. The preservation solution is ice-free at high subzero temperatures, preventing damaging ice crystal formation. Lower storage temperatures reduce metabolism and the risk of ischemic damage, greatly extending preservation time.

TimeSeal® Transport Device

TimeSeal® is an innovative, lightweight, and easy-to-use transport device for organs, tissues, cells, and regenerative medicine. Organs, tissues and cells can be stored for 3-7 days with the highest temperature stability while maintaining functionality and viability. External power, oxygen, or blood is not required to keep the organ or tissue alive. The container is built with smart sensor technology to monitor transport.

Benefits of
XT-ViVo® & TimeSeal®

Extension of Time

XT-ViVo® will enable subzero preservation for 3-7 days compared to the 4-24 hours we have today.

TimeSeal® will provide a stable subzero environment.

Increased Transplant Availability

XT-ViVo® & TimeSeal® will eliminate geographic restriction, enabling organs, tissues, and cells to be shared around the world.

Better Transplant Quality

Subzero preservation is the most effective way to slow down metabolism and extend the life of an organ. XT-ViVo® eliminates ice phase transitions and reduces the risk of shock-induced ice damage during organ transport.

Smart & Easy Transportation

The TimeSeal® transport system contains an integrated intelligent sensor system that transmits real-time logistics data to the receiving team during transport. Simplicity and effectiveness in one platform. No supporting accessories such as blood, oxygen, or external power supply are required.

Medical Cost Reduction

Improved organ matching can shorten postoperative treatment time and reduce medication use.

Organ transplants can be scheduled in advance, eliminating middle-of-the-night and weekend procedures.