X-Therma is very excited to participate at the Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa this week!  Meet with our CEO Xiaoxi Wei to learn more about our novel biopreservation platform. To schedule some timeclick here 

With the consecutive increasing number of organ donation each year, X-Therma is honored and ready to provide the best bio-preservation chemical solution to organs on demand. We are here to save more lives and thrive quality of living!

Sad but true.  It’s astonishing to see the number of lives impacted.  “In a nation where nearly 113,000 people are waiting for transplants, scores of organs – mostly kidneys – are discarded after they don’t reach their destination in time.” Facts like this are what motivate us to drive real change. X-Therma’s solution safely preserves organs longer thus expanding the time available for transit, making problems like this one preventable.
Salute to this brave family!  Inspiring stories like this one are what drive our team to develop our innovative bio-preservation platform so we can enable many more successful outcomes and spread this happiness to thousands of families.

Kidney Transplant: A Family Affair

When Paige Flotkoetter read a letter from her husband's distant cousin looking for a kidney donor for their baby, she leapt into action. "I felt like it was something I was supposed to do," she says. https://ceda.rs/2ZMrhvA

Posted by Cedars-Sinai on Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Our CEO Xiaoxi Wei delivered a keynote talk at today’s Cavendish Summit, conveying great hope to all humankind. As she stated, ” Every story should have a happy ending, if it is not happy, trust me, it is not ended yet!” We are just beginning to eliminate time from the equation for all regenerative medicines with a novel bio-preservation platform. So please join us in saving millions of lives with a true organ bank, as we take steps to deep space, from here to eternity…

Join us in the Cavendish Global Summit on Sep 10th and brainstorm with world thought leaders on bold innovations and big ideas for humanity! Dr. Xiaoxi Wei, X-Therma CEO will be sharing our recent groundbreaking updates on our moonshot journey – Organs on Demand. RSVP now at https://bit.ly/2ytOo3u

X-Therma has been selected as a finalist for a Fierce Innovation Award – Life Sciences Edition 2020. Winners will be announced on September 14, 2020.

***Learn more about the ice crystal image above: Please click here!***

X-Therma competed at the Molecular Foundry’s NanoArt Image Contest. The contest is held annually, to celebrate the National Nano Day.

“National Nano Day is an annual celebration on 10/9 to help raise awareness of nanotechnology, how it is used in products that enrich our daily lives, and the challenges and opportunities it holds for the future. “

Under polarized light, ice crystals reveals life saving secrets in a colorful wonderland. A story of “Nice Ice” enables life to thrive in a frozen world. (Top) water freezes into large hexagonal ice crystals; (Bottom) Antifreeze protein from arctic fish alters the ice crystals into dual pyramid shape. (Middle) Nature-inspired, Ice-interactive peptoid XT-ViVo shapes smaller, rounder and safer ice than Nature.

The XT-ViVo peptoid has been used to preserve murine hearts below 0C for greatly extended time periods and return back to life for successful transplants. Further application in human organ transplant will help end the organ transplant wait list and save millions of lives.

The image was taken at the Biological Nanostructures Facility on the Nikon Optiphot-POL polarized microscope w/ X-Therma Cryostage by Xiaoxi Wei, X-Therma Inc., including assistance by Mark Kline, Adam Childs, Mussie Gide, and Andrea Callegari.