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Chemically Defined, Safe And Effective Cryopreservation

XT-Thrive® contains fully synthetic biomimetics (peptoids) which are non-toxic, and prevent harmful ice crystal formation in cells at temperatures down to-196°C. Under polarized light ice crystals reveal life saving secrets in a colorful wonderland.

XT-Thrive® proprietary cryopreservation media is intended for cryopreservationof cell and gene therapies for regenerative medicine applications in ultra-low temperature environments (-70° C to -196° C). X-Therma offers Phase I GMP to full GMP grade XT-Thrive® and the product is manufactured with USP/highest quality components in a sterile environment with appropriate controls and testing. Full GMP Grade is in full compliance with FDA and EU Annex 1 current regulations and requirements.

Learn more about the key benefits of this cryopreservation media, its field of applications and compatibility with large scale production, and its efficiency and safety in clinical environments.

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