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Next-Generation DMSO-Free & Serum-Free Cryopreservation For Cell And Gene Therapy Manufacturing And Processing

Listen in on this discussion about the latest developments in cryopreservation technologies and how they can revolutionize cell and gene therapy manufacturing, processing, and their implications for clinical implementation. Emphasis will be placed on novel DMSO-free and serum-free cryopreservation solutions and provide insights into how they can improve the quality and efficacy of raw materials, intermediates and final products in the cell and gene therapy space.

The regenerative medicine field is rapidly advancing, with many pivotal trials underway. Particularly for large-scale commercialmanufacturing, cryopreservation is becoming a crucial component to ensure a longer shelf-life throughout production, resilient logisticsto transport, and ultimately maximum therapeutic efficacy during administration. However, the efficacy and yield of sensitive cell typessuch as induced pluripotent stem cells and genetically engineered cell-based immunotherapies are significantly limited due to iceformation and consequent damage, as well as genomic and in vivo toxicity associated with current cryoprotectants (e.g., DMSO). Theseproblems further limit the realization of standard products in modern regenerative medicine as developed in allogeneic cell therapy andtissue engineering.

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