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Next-Generation DMSO-Free & Serum-Free Cryopreservation For Cell And Gene Therapy

Existing standards in cryopreservation use 5-10% dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) andoften serum. These products have not been significantly improved for over 50years. DMSO exhibits acute toxicity in patients and causes adverse cell mutation atlow levels (0.1%) including irreversible cell chromosome damage and alterations inthe epigenetic landscape. Serum remains a black box, inherently introducingbatch-to-batch variability, diminished clinical reproducibility, and compromisedprecision in therapeutic delivery. However, performance in available DMSO &serum-free solutions is often compromised, warranting urgent advancement.

Learn about XT-Thrive®, a completely defined, non-toxic cryopreservationsolution for cell & gene therapy and cell banking applications at ultra-lowtemperatures (-70°Cto-196°C). Formulated without any DMSO, serum, or recombinant proteins, every component is fully identified andquantified for superior compatibility with cGMP manufacturing processes.

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